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« D Premium Vodka » is a first choice vodka, made a 100% from wheat grains with no additives. This vodka comes straight from the “Spirit Valley” in Cognac, in France. Carefully selected the wheat grains are introduced in a mill.

Then the flour is wet and seeded with natural enzymes to transform starch into sugar. We get a wheat “wine”, with a “toasted bread” smell. Then that wine is distilled 5 times and then redirected to a rectification column to eliminate as many impurities as possible. After adding a precise amount of demineralized water and free of any contamination, we obtain a premium vodka containing 40% vol. « D Premium Vodka » est ensuite filtrée longuement au travers de nombreuses plaques de cellulose végétale naturelle, jusqu’à l’obtention d’une pureté cristalline.

Then “D Premium Vodka” is filtered for a long time through several natural vegetable cellulose plates, until it gets crystal-clear. The upstream work in the distillation process allows us to obtain a product that is largely self-sufficient in organoleptic characteristics and doesn’t need adding any other exogenous substance that aims to hide production defect; “D Premium Vodka” can claim to be 100%